So, Why a non-profit?


So, Why a non-profit?

  • First Cake Delivered2010
  • Organization Formed05-02-2012

In November 2011, our Founder Yvonne Cox decided to create an organization whose sole purpose was to donate custom cakes to children in need.  After a quick 2-day brainstorm, Gifted Cakes was formed and she officially began producing cakes for the children who lived in the community which she served.

However, her efforts did not begin here… Two years prior, while working as a home health nurse in numerous Atlanta inner-city neighborhoods like Bankhead, The Bluff, West End, Vine City, and Mechanicsville Yvonne learned the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. It was not uncommon for her to observe firsthand, grandparents and disabled adults on fixed incomes scrape up enough money to buy the child in their lives a SINGLE birthday gift.  So, Yvonne decided put her talent and passion for baking to good use and begin creating custom cakes for these low-income families.

In May 2012, Gifted Cakes Foundation, Inc was officially formed and recognized by the State of Georgia.