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My story is one that I have told hundreds of times especially to family and friends.  Many folks are shocked and mortified to learn that I am giving up my nursing career to so-call “bake cakes” but then I go and add insult to injury by telling them, “I am going to give them away for “FREE”. However, what most people fail to realize is that donating cakes is truly a labor of love, it is my purpose, it is my passion and I must answer the call. I receive so much energy, joy, love and peace of mind when I start baking and decorating cakes for children in need, which words just cannot explain. I have worked 16 hour shifts with a cake due the next afternoon but somehow when I arrive home my soul is re-energized I am ready to give another 12 to 24 hours on creating a spectacular cake. I can just picture that child’s face in my mind when they receive their custom cake and that alone is enough for me to continue my journey down this unique path. My dream is that Gifted Cakes continues to grow nation/worldwide and we give ALL underprivileged children and those in foster care the opportunity to be celebrated on their BIRTHDAY!

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